ADVANSE dedicates to promoting the modernization of financial management practices and income diversification strategies in Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand at a regional level by sustainably strengthening the Higher Education systems and maximizing the social return on investment in Higher Education. 

The objectives of ADVANSE are:
–Enhancing human, organizational and technical capacities of partner countries HEIs to increase efficiency in Financial Management (FM) and Income Diversification (ID)
–Promoting accountability and transparency in FM through systematization and promotion of good practice.
–Facilitating regional integration through establishing a network of financial managers specializing in modernization of financial management systems and practices.

The project outputs will have five key impacts on the following three levels: 

Level I: Regional level of HEIs & policy makers
1. Increased awareness of common challenges and existing initiatives in modernizing FM and ID strategies at the regional level in HE
2. Region-wide impact and replication of project outputs through a supra-regional network

Level II: Higher Education Institutions:
3. Improved efficiency in FM and the development of qualified human resources 
4. Sustainably strengthened institutional modernization capacities

Level III: Non-partner HEIs & other interest groups 
5. Active involvement of non-partner HEIs and other interest groups in the dissemination of strategy, resulting in the region-wide uptake